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When you’re ready, you can activate your Help Center and make it live for end users. You must be a Zendesk Support administrator to enable Help Center. Guide Managers who are not Support administrators cannot enable Help Center.

Check out Phil Hansen’s Fine Tuning: Best practices for ticket deflection for tips on how to best promote self-service during your Help Center launch.

To activate Help Center

  1. In Guide, click the Settings (Settings icon) icon in the sidebar.
  2. In Guide settings, click the Activate button.
  3. Click Activate again to confirm that you want to activate your Help Center.
  4. Click Enable spam filter (see Using the spam filter to prevent Help Center spam).
  5. Read the agreement, then click Enable spam filter again to agree to the terms.

Your Help Center is activated and is now visible to end users. If you need to disable your Help Center, see Disabling your Help Center.

If you are using the community, make sure that is also activated (see Getting started with Gather).

Be sure to check out our Help Center guide for end users and also our complete list of Guide resources.

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